Hello World, it's me!

Updated: Oct 14, 2018

I have always drawn. On. Everything.

Until I discovered paper, I then drew on that.

The sketchbooks have followed me ever since.

Childhood was spent chewing up every playtime to imagination, there were never enough worlds or characters I could ever fit into one day.

That lost its gusto as a 17- year-old-me moved to the other sandbox, Dubai to pursue Illustration. I was fussy about my brush strokes and how irrational ideas needed to be, a character trait I would only develop in the perfect petri dish for the nonsensical: London.

London is one of those cities that curates its people well; it shows you what you need and lets you grow elsewhere. Five years in, every crevice explored a few great lifelong friends and it was time to go.

After Helium highs and sad goodbyes I left London to the warmer corner of the pond, Kuwait. I was so perpetually creative without my London distractions, the white noise and softer pace of life almost allowed my imagination to run.

That was suddenly interrupted by a career in branding.

Which was then followed by a short-lived foray into communication.

By that point I felt that I was placed in the lost and found pile of my life.

Hello Humansketchbook.

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