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Humansketchbook has been lovingly described as a dialogue between two brain cells exploring a candy house with a light take on dark topics.


The core of the work focuses on the human experience and converges its meaning through colour and symbolism. For a number of the readers, the images will evoke memories and provoke thoughtful perspectives to past events and hopefully, solace and release . 

Well, that’s the higher intention, at the very least some of the art can function as great icebreakers in conversation…

…Just imagine the Angry Sunflower as a dinner set; says something about both you and the host.


The sketches are two dimensional projections of the author, in hopes that this “person” will engage with the world..albeit through blob-tinted glasses.


There is a backbone to all this, I can teach, I can Draw and manage says my PGCE certification, and two masters in Visual communication and design management…

Workwise, 14 odd years of experience in Advertising/Branding both in the UK and the MENA region.